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This is the official website of the American Academy of Religion group Death, Dying and Beyond. This group surveys the scholarship regarding issues about death and dying, as well as religious beliefs concerning the afterlife. It is international in scope and interdiscplinary, addressing these issues from various methodologies, including history, archeology, psychology, etc. You will also find news about conferences and events as well as lesson plans and teaching materials.

AARCall for Papers for the "Death, Dying and Beyond" Section at the

American Academy of Religion's (AAR) Annual Conference November 21-24, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia

Topics: "Marketing the Afterlife" and "NDEs"

Deadline: March 2, 2015

We encourage proposals on the following themes: marketing death or the afterlife, and near death experiences--NDEs.

For marketing death, in view of a co-sponsored session with the Religion and Popular Culture Group, we are seeking anything that investigates the popular representation of afterlife destinations or death, and/or how these are marketed or used to promote films, books, and other products.

We are also interested in contemporary issues involved with the subject of near death experiences (NDEs) including (but not limited to) cognition, neurophysiology, and NDEs; NDEs and popular culture; cross-cultural comparisons of NDEs.

We also welcome any other proposals on the subject of death, dying, and beyond.

Method: PAPERS

Process: Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members


- A. David Lewis, Chair, adl@bu.edu

- Diana Walsh-Pasulka, Chair, pasulkad@uncw.edu

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From the Farber Gravestone Collection. This is the grave stone of Lydia Burrill who died in 1726 in Lynn, Mass. The grave stone was carved by Nathaniel Emmes . The grave stone is 28 inches tall and made of stone. The ornamentation is of the Winged Skull type. The inscription reads, "HERE LYES INTER'ED Ye BODY OF Mrs. LYDIA BURRIL LATE VERTUOUS CONSORT OF THEOPHILUS BURRIL ESTb DECD JUNE Ye 11th 1726 ÆTATIS 60 Blesed are the Dead that Die in the Lord".


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